Hello old friend..

My husband says I'm not to mention him in this blog unless it is in a positive light. So, unless my devastingly good-looking, intelligent, witty, so-hands-on-with-the-children-I-don't-know-how-lucky-I-am husband does anything to upset me, he won't be featuring.

And so to the wines. A girlfriend turned up tonight to drop her son off for a sleepover and we disected our week over a glass of tonight's white in the fridge...

Vermentino Sur Lie Par Preignes 2007 Vin de Pays d'Oc - £5.99 from Majestic
Delicious, lime-scented crisp dry white from the Languedoc region in France. Doesn't need food, just needs to be refreshingly cold.

Tonight's red on the side is:

Ogio Primitivo, 2008 - £4.49 until 6/10 from Tesco (usually £8.99)
This is gorgeous: a mellow red from Puglia (the heel of Italy), rich with chocolate and cherry notes. Drink with a juicy cut of meat.

Until next week, chin chin..x

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