Cat Woman

Cats: never got them. Or rather, couldn't quite connect with those referred to as 'cat people'. Like you have to choose just one animal to love. A sweeping generalisation but I've always thought cat people smelt faintly of wee and were prone to preciousness. Then, a few weeks ago, the two year old was given a kitten for his birthday. I write this post with my new friend curled up and purring in my lap. Seeing as I often smell faintly of vomit (not mine) or wee (sometimes mine), I might as well complete the look with clothes covered in cat hair.

This week's white in the fridge is:
Cape Peak Chardonnay 2009, currently half price, £3.50 per bottle if bought by the case from
This is a fantastic value Chardonnay that manages to revive and relax all at the same time. Creamy, not oaky, perfect for supping whilst watching Relocation. Hope they go for the sea view.

Current red on the side is:
Cape Peak Pinotage 2009, currently half price, £3.50 per bottle if bought by the case from
The Pinotage grape is often responsible for the wine version of marmite. All blackcurrant and spice, I love this wine almost as much as my cat.

Purrfect x

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