Along came a spider...

I measure all pain on the BC scale: before childbirth. Even using an epilator is a walk in the park nowadays. But there is a mother who has raised the bar when it comes to showing the love. This particular one has her babies, then lets them eat her. OK, so she's a spider rather than an actual person but still, respec' to the mamma spider. There is nothing she won't do . Frankly, I thought giving up my pelvic floor, tummy muscles and a killer heel was enough. Evidently not. I turn to wine...

This week's white in the fridge is:
Maven Sauvignon Blanc 2008, about £8/bottle from
Sauvignon Blanc is the obvious alternative to Chardonnay. New Zealand used to be the expensive option but not now. We're awash with good value Kiwi SB: not all of them sing but this one breaks glass.   
This week's red on the side is:
Vina Mayor Gran Reserva 2001, available as part of a mixed case of Spanish Stars,
Most wines are sold as pups: how often do we get to drink a red with a bit of age? This will convert you. Mellow, brooding and full of spicy bramble fruit. Will see you through red meats and onto cheese.

Chin chin xx

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