To beard or not to beard?

That is the question, as it turns out. My husband is sporting a beard (grown pre-Becks, he likes to remind me) and I just can't decide if I like it or not. One minute he looks like a manly bearded man, beautiful like a grizzly bear. The next he's more like a wierd looking vagrant who's wandered into our kitchen, helping himself to coffee. I was always told never to trust a man with a beard. But it was my husband who told me that. Pre-beard, obviously.

This week's white in the fridge:
Ogio Pinot Grigio 2008, £8.99 down to £4.49, Tesco
Love this wine for what it is: fresh, uncomplicated Pinot Grigio, made to help me get over a shitty day (five nappies before 9am so I mean it in the literal sense).

This week's red on the side:
Ogio Primitivo 2008, £8.99 down to £4.49, Tesco
This wine is a bit of a show off. All upfront bramble fruits and spice, long on flavour and extremely good value. Drink with spag bol and a handsome beardy man.

Peace out, beard or no beard x

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