Dirty Hairy

I was described as 'organic' the other day. By a hairdresser. It didn't really register at the time but I think I've realised what he meant. Call me shallow - you wouldn't be the first - but I used to have much better hair/eyebrows/clothes/shoes. Now, I wouldn't say I've completely let myself go but I've definitely had to get in line. With three small children ahead of me in the queue. In fact, in the hairdressers on Saturday morning, the prospect of an hour without interruptions clearly left me a little delirious. When asked what haircut I wanted I said I didn't mind.

That is something the old me would never have said. But I prefer being in line, even if it means having organic hair.

This week's white in the fridge:
Nederburg Chardonnay/Viognier 2009, £5.99 down to £3.99, Waitrose
From the South African Cape region, this is a lovely ripe, pineapple and citrus-flavoured white which even my mother (who doesn't like Chardonnay but loves Chablis) will imbibe heartily. The Viognier gives it a spicy, alcoholic kick, taking the chill off 'dem bones.

Current red on the side:
Nederburg Shiraz/Pinotage 2009, £5.99 down to £3.99, Waitrose
This is the spicy, bramble-fruit loaded red partner to the white above, and both are part of this week's Waitrose meal deal. I love these deals: no-brainer supermarket shopping. I dont have to go beyond aisle 3. Or I wouldn't if I didn't need nappies too. For the babies, not me. Not yet.  

Your health xx

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