The Napa/Nappy Valley Set

Last night we held a Knackered Mothers' Wine Club tasting at a local restaurant (the amazing Graze) to raise a bit of cash for our local nursery. It was a heady mix: eight wines + inquisitive people up for trying different wines + company of friends both old and new. The result was delicious. Lots of laughter, slurping, a bit of spitting, far more swallowing (no giggling at the back) and generally great chat about wine.

Crushed grapes can bind people together and make life taste better. I love that.

This week's white on the side:
Camino San Pedro Sauvignon Blanc/Verdejo 2008, £6,
This Spanish white is as lovely as its maker, Sam Harrop, a Kiwi Master of Wine. Blending the ubiquitous SB grape with the Verdejo grape gives this wine an international feel with a truly Spanish twist. Lime-scented with deliciously long flavours, this was a great match for our griddled salmon fillets tonight.

Current red on the side:
Cosme Palacio Rioja 2006, £8.49,
There were a few open bottles left over after last night's tasting and this is the one I took home. The wine goes like this: blackcurrant, black cherry, vanilla, white pepper, blackcurrant again, hint of tobacco. I am not making this up. Drink it.  

Chin chin xx

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