Joint Effort

Much excitement all round: we're off to Venice for a few days to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. The children seem to sense the highly indulgent grand-parenting that lies ahead. I thought I'd buy something new for the occasion and today I did just that. Underwear that actually matches? A Spring-tastic print scarf? Clogs to make it clear I still read Vogue and know who Alexa Chung is? Don't be ridiculous. Said purchase was in fact a deeply unattractive back support belt for moderate back pain, bought on by a knackered sacroiliac joint bought on by carrying babies. Not the look I was going for on the big anniversary trip. In Venice. Where you have to walk everywhere.

Clogs would have been a really bad idea.

Current white in the fridge:
Maurel Vedeau Sauvignon Blanc/Grenache 2008, currently half price @ £4.49,
Slightly OD'd on the Chablis last week so moved to a searing NZ Sauvignon Blanc before finding my way back to this simply super blend from the Languedoc. It combines the lovely gooseberry fruit of Sauvignon with a more 'fleshy' apricot note from the Grenache. I am yet to drink this with food this week, rather it has marked moving from the mayhem of children's bedtime to some serious worshiping at the chapel of sofa. 

Current red on the side:
Esperanza Malbec 2009, Argentina, £4.69,
I used to buy wines from Argentina for my big supermarket employer back when not many people drank it (I never said I was a good buyer) and it was a labour of love. Many of the wines were gorgeous, others not so. Obviously, only the gorgeous ones made it to the shelf here but still they didn't sell. A decade on and things are changing, albeit slowly. Argie Malbec is a look-at-me wine, with loud flavours and a bit of an attitude. This is a brilliantly inexpensive way to find out if you want to be friends with it.

Ciao xx

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