Invisible (wo)Man

Someone once said - probably Germaine - that beyond a certain age, women become invisible. I'd always assumed that referred to women my mother's age* but a funny thing happened last week that made me think it might happen sooner than anticipated. As I walked out of Topshop on Oxford Street (see how I'm fighting it?) a young hipster stood with a microphone doing a vox-pop street interview for Radio One. On what, I shall never know. You see, as I walked towards him, he smiled, put his hand out and said: "scuse me, can I ask you a quick question?" To the two teenagers behind me. I had to pretend I was smiling fondly at someone in the distance. Which I was. My teenage self.

Current white in the fridge:
Domaene Gobelsburg Gruner Veltliner, 2009, £6.49, Waitrose
Find this on the stand-alone wine towers in Waitrose currently, the 'grape of the moment' from Austria. To be honest, this has been touted as the grape of the moment for so long that I fear we may have missed it. But get past the almost incomprehensible label and name and you will be richly rewarded with a spicy, peachy flavoured dry white wine that works a treat with food with a bit of spice. Thai green curry a particular recommendation.

Current red on the side:
Chateau Calage 2007, £8, Source Wines
I included this wine in a tasting I did for a group of friends earlier this week and, tellingly, the bottle was drained. Not a drop remained, always a good sign. This is a cocktail of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Carignan grapes and is rich, purple and royally good. Blackcurrant fruit dominates the nose with smooth chocolate and spice notes on the palate. This particular region, the Languedoc in the South of France, is positively sizzling with exciting wines, (mostly) reasonably priced. 

*Ma, there's your mention! x

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