Plane Truths

My 6yo boy's favourite current pastime is writing secret agent-type notes, folding them into paper aeroplanes and pinging them round the door of the kitchen. They land softly at my feet and he scampers back up the stairs, shrieking with laughter. Recent notes include baddies are poo heads and  - my personal favourite - i love you big bum that is arll. This gave me an idea. What would my planes say? i was only 5 minits over you stinkker (to traffic warden). i hope you get cawt not the fishes you robber (to person who nicked my mother's little fishing boat last week). The possibilities are endless. Best plane truth left here wins a bottle of wine.

Current white in the fridge:
Cefiro Chardonnay, 2008, £8/bottle, Source
For some, the thought of Chardonnay leads them to screw up their eyes and stick their tongue out. I take this to mean they are not a fan. Upsetting really, as Chardonnay is such a chameleon. It depends on where it is grown and - crucially - what the winemaker does with it. You can get skinny ones, curvy ones, shy ones and show-offs. This one is a curvy one, with show-off tendancies. It is made from grapes grown in the relatively cool Casablanca Valley in Chile and is ripe and round with gorgeous tropical fruit flavours. It has been aged in French oak for 6 months giving it a sort-of cream soda character. I heart, especially good with crispy duck salad but really happy on its own too. 

Current red on the side:
Cosme Palacio Rioja 2006, £6.75/bottle, currently 25% off, Tesco
Left over from the baby's Christening party (an old fashioned notion, I know) at the weekend, where we served Prosecco, Bloody Mary and this. There were few takers for red but seeing as it was 11 o'clock in the morning, I'm not surprised. We ordered it in just in case, safe in the knowledge that it would probably fall to us to finish it off. Glad we did: heavenly Rioja. Shiny, juicy, full of red fruits and with that definite lick of oak that you'd expect, only softer. Made with 100% Tempranillo and aged in French oak barrels, this is gloriously smooth. Clooney, bottled.

Raise your glasses x

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