The Perfect Wine

Here in the cyber-playground, I've been tagged by the Merlot-swilling loving Eh, Mummy? and asked to write about my Perfect Man. Actually, she says I'm allowed to write about my perfect wine, which is a great relief because I couldn't top her description in which she references John Holmes, dirty cow. My perfect wine has been, at various times, a Vintage Champagne (when proposed to*), a beautiful red Burgundy (in memory of a loved one) and a first growth Claret (when someone else was paying). As with most things in life, it is as much about the who and where as it is about the what. Right now, my perfect wine is in my glass, chilled and within reach from my position on the sofa. It is an inexpensive but absolutely delicious white from a supermarket. What would make it more perfect is if it made me thinner, younger and less knackered.

This week's white in the fridge: Tesco Finest Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc, 2010, on offer at £5, Tesco

Chenin Blanc is the grape and it is such a player. Often overlooked - probably because it commonly associated with cheap and not-that-cheerful wines - it can actually do really good things when grown in the right place and handled with care. The Loire Valley in France is the natural homeland for Chenin Blanc - try the sweeties, dahling - but it seems to love South Africa too. Here,  we've got a lime-scented crisp dry white with lovely apple fruit flavours and a kick of acidity that reminds you to eat.

This week's red on the side: Tesco Finest Nero d'Avola 2008, on offer at £4.83 Tesco

Wines sold under the Tesco Finest* label first came on our shelves ten years ago, This makes me feel old. I worked there as a wine buyer at the time and was given an unbelievably brilliant shopping list in terms of wine to go and source for the range. This wasn't one of them. Wish it had been. Can't believe you can get this for under £5 on offer at the moment. Delicious, bramble fruit, a touch of raisin and a kick of spice, all in one glass.

So, now to tag a few more. You're it! English MumShit Mummy, Bush MummyNappy Valley Girl, Potty Mummy , your thoughts on your perfect man/partner (or anything else you fancy). 

Kick on x   

*proposal came in a random pub car park after a massive row about his driving. Shut me up, though.

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