Espresso (Martini) Love

Click here to read the Knackered Mothers' Christmas Wine Survival Guide, written for my friend and foodie goddess, English Mum. If, however, you are not yet feeling the Christmas Spirit and need a little help, I have a suggestion. Make one of these (recipe below), drink it and reassess. I've wanted to know how to make a good espresso Martini for some time but somehow never remembered the recipe even though the barman had repeated it three times and I'd scrawled it down on a napkin/fag packet. With thanks to Troutie for the recipe below.

Chocolate/Espresso Martinis
As far as a chocolate or espresso martini goes this would be my advice. Work out if you want a gin or vodka martini and remember that some flavours suit different ingredients more than others. For an espresso martini I would go with 40ml vodka or gin, a shot of espresso and then 15ml tia maria, 15ml kaluha. Chocolate martini would be 40ml of vodka or brandy, 15ml chocolate liquor, and 15ml creme de cacao.

Chin chin x