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According to Lorraine Candy, editor of Elle magazine, it's easier to run an office of 40 than build a Lego fort. You don't say. When I was on maternity leave after Eldest Boy was born it was obviously joyous, but it was also mind-numbingly monotonous at times. Engaging with little people against a backdrop of dirty washing and a toy-covered kitchen floor whilst running a free canteen and taxi service (with complimentary bottom-wiping, obviously) is hard work. Being in an office, having grown-up conversations, drinking a cup of coffee that's not gone cold, sitting in relative peace on the journey home? 'Tis the stuff of dreams. And they call it work...

This week's white in the fridge: Terre a Verre Picpoul de Pinet 2009, £10, Source Wines
We had a wine tasting to raise a bit of money for Middle Boy's school earlier this week and this was one of the stars in the line up. The grape is Picpoul, meaning 'lip-stinger', apparently because of the high acidity of the grape. I promise you it doesn't sting. It does tingle, though. The delicate jasmine-scented aromas, peach-like fruit flavours and crisp acidity are brilliantly balanced. From the Coteaux de Languedoc region in the South of France, it is a gorgeous example of this underrated grape. Loves food, especially my chicken curry (mild).

This week's red on the side: Piccini Supertuscan 2008, £8.54, Tesco
This wine is a so-called 'super-tuscan' because the blend of grapes used is not the traditional blend required for it to be labelled as Chianti. This particular one is mostly Sangiovese (as with Chianti) but with a bit of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon added for good measure. Be prepared: this is big, bold, herby and blackcurranty with an added whack of spice just when you think the wine's work is done. You can feel the acidity and it makes your mouth water, so add food for best results, preferably something meaty or spicy. Or both. I bought it when on offer a few weeks ago - half price I think - but we've run out. I'll shout when it's on offer again. 

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