We've moved house. Again. Only this time, we moved into one that we own. After years of renting, we are now in a 1970's bungalow with a peach-coloured bathroom, a green sitting room and cork floors throughout. Living Etc it ain't but I love it more than any house we've ever lived in. In fact, it feels like home.

Current white in the fridge: Benjamin Darnault Picpoul de Pinet, 2009, £9.99, Naked Wines 
Book Club, meaning two more wines kindly supplied by Naked Wines for me to try with friends and get more than just my view on the wine. Our chosen book was The Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck, which I didn't finish. Instead, I took along my Royal Wedding copy of Hello! and shared my favourite outfit (Lady Sarah's grey dress, simply gorgeous). Back to wine: this is made from the Picpoul grape grown in the Languedoc region in the South of France. The grape name translates as 'lip-stinger', a reference to its searing acidity but this one was rather more gentle. Refreshing, lemony, crisp and dry, in fact. A real people-pleaser of a wine. 

Current red on the side: Benjamin Darnault Organic Saint Chinian 2009, £12.99, Naked Wines
The one thing that seems to unite most organic wines is a truly terrible label. This one breaks with tradition, not a bunch of grapes in sight. Made from a blend of Grenache and Syrah grapes, the wine is fruity, forward - a touch rustic even - and typical of the juicy reds grown in and around the town of Saint Chinian in the South of France. Pricey (as is often the case with organic wines) but if you buy a case of wine from Naked as an Angel, it brings the price down considerably. The last time I bought a mixed case from here, the average price was about £5/bottle. 

Chin chin x

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