Deal Or No Deal?

Apparently 70% of all booze in the UK is bought when on offer. I was quite surprised by this. Until I thought about it, that is. I love a bargain. I can't remember the last time I bought baby wipes that weren't on a three-for-two offer. Crisps on buy-one-get-one-free? Ship 'em in. Washing powder, bags of apples, packs of mince, tins of know the deal. When it comes to wine, I'll check out the offers before heading to the rest of the wine aisle. The problem is, the choice of wines on offer seems to be getting a bit same-y. Baby, I'm bored.

Current white in the fridge: Cono Sur Viognier Reserve, £8.35, Tesco
Drank a chilled glass of this in the garden with my darling Ma last night, after watching Eldest Son play a violin solo in the school concert. A very big moment for him, a stomach-turning but proud one for me and Bearded Husband. Anyway, he was fab and the wine was delicious. Rich and bosomy, if you know what I mean. Ample. Voluptuous. You get the picture. The grape's homeland is the Rhone Valley in France but here, it does a brilliant apricot shimmy with a peachy twirl at the end. I should probably give you better food match but we had this with those addictive beef and horseradish crisps from M&S and it worked perfectly. 

Current red on the side: Stockman's Station Pinot Noir 2008, Central Otago, £8ish, Tesco
Now this wine is normally double the price but I think Tesco was having a clear out so it was a lovely surprise. Either that, or the price on the shelf ticket was wrong. Whatever, I could. Not. Resist. New Zealand Pinot Noir? From Otago? Yes pur-lease. Silky, silky, silky soft tannins, soft raspberry fruit with smooth tannins (think stewed tea feeling on teeth but in a good way). It is delicious. I was supposed to be wine free tonight, but life is definitely too short not to drink a glass of good NZ Pinot Noir on a Wednesday evening just because I feel like it. 

Chin chin x

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