Karaoke Kings

The lovely Erica  - aka Littlemummy - tagged me in a meme a few weeks ago. All I had to do was pick which song I would sing if doing Karaoke. Cue lots of fond memories of countless times singing into a wooden spoon/empty wine bottle fighting for the lead vocal in Atomic Kitten's 'Whole Again'. Needless to say, we sang a slightly ruder version and were miles better than the real kittens. In our heads.

However, if singing now, I would choose one that I sang in Soho's Lucky Voice last year with a group of old girlfriends. Under the influence of wigs, microphones and fizz we belted out this:

We were AWESOME.

You're next, Crumbs (both of you), Bush Mummy, Potty, Nappy Valley Girl and Belgravia Wife.

Wine reccs to follow later this week x