Why blog?

I vlogged about this not long ago for BritMums but I forgot to mention one of the best things about blogging. Yes, I talked about how much I love the writing, sharing wine knowledge, laughs and meeting good people. But I didn't talk about how I've learned stuff reading other mothers' blogs - really great stuff. The #passiton campaign is an example of that. No matter that when I first saw the hashtag I read it as 'passion', then 'position' (that's a whole other blog post). This is a campaign to encourage world leaders to use 4 hours to save 4 million children’s lives on June 13 at the global vaccination summit in London. Run by Save The Children as part of their No Child Born To Die campaign, they have harnessed the power of bloggers, specifically mothers, to raise awareness and get support. You can add your voice here. Pass it on. 

I'll post a couple of wine recommendations later this week, post Book Club (tomorrow night). I've still got 200 pages to go. It's going to be a long night. 

KM x