Book. Ish.

Book Club last night. We ate curry, drank wine and talked about, amongst other things, the following:
We didn't talk about the News International scandal (are we allowed to use that word? Didn't they trademark it?). Bearded Husband is obsessed with it, sneaking snippets of news as he would sly fags. It seems truth is indeed stranger than fiction. 

Current white on the side: Anchorage Classic Riesling 2009, New Zealand, £10.99, Naked Wines
We got Naked again last night, thanks to them sending me a case to sample with Book Club. We had a delicious spread of curry (one prawn, one mutton) with dahl/raita/rice accessories. The Riesling was a brilliant match, with a touch of sweetness that countered the spice of the food. Thoughtfully, it had naturally low alcohol, perfect for a school night (10%). This is made from the noble grape that makes Very Knowledgeable Wine People cry due to its ethereal quality. I'd say limes, with honeysuckle notes and a slightly flirty smile. Really lovely. 

Current red on the side: Arabella Reserve Shiraz/Viognier 2009, South Africa, £9.99, Naked Wines
There was a time when a glass of South African red wine had me wrinkling my nose before I'd tried it. Now, I don't wrinkle until my nose is in the glass. This one was just. so. easy. to love. Not too shouty or oaky, rather a really good blend of red grape Shiraz with a dash of white grape Viognier, both on loan from the Rhone region in France. All bramble fruit and spice that went happily with our plate of spaghetti bolognese tonight. Another one from Naked but bought with my own dosh, so it didn't taste good just because it was free. 

Chin chin x

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