Would you buy wine from this woman?

I've been blogging away for the last few years, recommending a couple of wines every week, whatever I happen to be drinking that I think you might like too. I'm now wondering whether you might want to buy wine from the site. You tell me what you want and I'll source it exclusively for the KMWC. Tried and tested for the tired and tested, if you like. If so, would you want to buy the odd bottle or stock up on fridge-door whites and on-the-side reds by the case, delivered to home? If you do have a view, please let me know, either here or by email. By way of thanks for your time and trouble I'll put names in a hat and send a case of wine to whoever's name my children pick out.

Current white in the fridge: Domaine Naudet 2009 Sancerre, £12.99, Waitrose
I rarely spend quite this much on a bottle of wine, unless I am in a restaurant obviously. Even then, I'll ask about the provenance of the house wine before venturing further down the list. Anyway, this thirteen-pounder was bought by a friend who came over for dinner last week. I think she might have panic-bought in Waitrose, thinking if I get it from the wooden racks, it has got to be good. And indeed it is. I'm just sorry I didn't open it when she was here. No really, I am. Made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape and grown in the Sancerre region in France, this is elegant, uptight but so lime-fruit intense it is worth it. I drank this with nothing but music for company. It sang. 

Current red on the side:  Gran Fabrica 2001, £5 currently at half price, Tesco
Just to bang on for a bit, if you spend £4 on a bottle if wine, more than half of that £4 goes to pay duty and tax. Once you've added packaging, shipping and a retail mark-up into the mix, there's not much left to pay for the stuff you are actually drinking. If, however, you spend £5 on a bottle of wine, you are spending the same amount on duty, tax, shipping and packaging (roughly) so you get much better value for money on what you're putting in your glass. Go to £10 and you're laughing. Some half price wine deals don't deliver on the promise but this one does. And in Tempranillo-laden spades. More brooding than Marlon on that motorbike. This one does need food, something spicy and/or meaty.   

Chin chin x

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