Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Bully for you.

This is a vlog on bullying done by BritMums. I blurb on a bit but Penny's advice about throwing comments in the bin is BRILLIANT.


  1. Thanks for that, glad it struck a chord. It's such a difficult topic isn't it, every case is so very different. You weren't waffling, in fact the opposite, I was really engaged, it was so honest and heartfelt.

  2. Wow I feel a bit tearful watching that! There but by the grace of god.. I too will take the "throw the comments in the bin" advice. Also love your comment about surrounding them with love and self belief.. I truly think that if they feel secure that equips them to deal with most stuff that life will throw at them.

    BM x

  3. that is a great video, havent seen it before.

    well done ladies!