Working Girl

According to a recent survey, 32,000 women left their jobs in the past year, not because they didn't want to work but because it didn't pay to do so. I nearly choked on my Sunday-night-cheese-&-crackers-in-front-of-Downton when I read this. So, we've got thousands of workers leaving their jobs every year because they can't afford to work. Having stepped off the ladder, they can't get a footing back on because the world's moved on and THEN they are made to feel like they should be able to launch an insanely successful business from their kitchen table.

The other day, my 2yo daughter trotted past the kitchen door pushing her 'baby' in a buggy. I asked her where she was going. 'To work,' she said. A tiny part of me was proud (the other part guilty, obviously). I just hope things change by the time she's doing the maths.

Current white in the fridge: Aspen Estate Pinot Grigio, 2011, £4.99, Majestic
Given how many 'light' versions of food are on the market (although I'd rather go for the full-fat version, just *ahem* less of it) there are surprisingly few relatively lower alcohol wines on the market. Sometimes, you just don't want the heat or the hangover of a 14%-er. This one is a delicate little number at 11%, light on the palate too with easy citrus fruit and a twang of tangerine to boot. Goes perfectly with the peace and quiet of post-smalls' bedtime. 

Current red on the side: Rio del Bio Bio Pinot Noir, 2009, £4.74, Tesco
With such a fabulous name, this wine came with expectations. Happily, it delivered. Made from the Pinot Noir grape this is a ripe, smooth red with definite Pinot character (raspberry, spice) albeit with the sound turned up compared with Pinot Noir from its homeland in Burgundy, France. Chile is a hot country by and large but the Bio Bio region in the south is cooler, with strong winds and more rain than most. Call it a labour of love, but one that is clearly paying off for those who've decided to make Pinot Noir down there. Consumed with Spaghetti Bolognese and a lovely match they made too. 

Hi ho x