What really matters...

No, I don't mean whether K-Mid's up the duff, or whether K-Kard's wedding was a fake, or whether I've bought the right kick-ass winter boots (which I know I have, btw). No, what really matters this week is wearing a poppy, donating if possible and thinking about the people affected by war; past, present and future. That is all.

Current white on the side: Tesco Finest Fiano 2010, £5.69 on offer, Tesco
Done this one before, I know. It is made from the Fiano grape, grown in Sicily, made by a very good producer and overseen by one Italy's most famous winemakers, Diego Planeta. To have his name on the label is really very impressive. This is all orchard fruits - I'm talking red apples, people - together with a citrus ribbon tying it all together. Delicious it is too, especially with last night's roast chicken leftovers. I'm making stock from the carcass as we speak. I know, I annoy myself with my perfection too sometimes. 

Current red on the side: Rio del Bio Bio Pinot Noir 2009, £4.75 on offer, Tesco
Pinot Noir is a funny little grape, producing bunches the shape of pine cones. Hard to believe they make wines so sublime they can bring a grown man/woman to tears. Burgundy in France is the grapes' homeland (although being one of the three main grapes used to make Champagne, it can call Pinot Noir a long-time lodger) but sadly the prices here may well induce tears too. This one won't: it is under a fiver. Under a fiver! For a medium-bodied red from Chile with some good varietal character (plums, spice), you are getting pretty amazing value for money here. The winemaker comes from Burgundy, which is kind of reassuring. Put it with sausages and mash and chow down. 

Chin chin x

ps - if you are a BritMum, and have a few minutes to spare (for which you might win wine), please can you click here? Thanks v. much x

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