Blogging doesn't get tougher than this...

A normal Tuesday night for me goes something like this: have a bath, go out, meet a friend for supper in a local gastropub, share a bottle of wine, get back after 11pm...oh, sorry. No, forgive me, that's my old life. Tonight has been about getting three children to bed (easier herding goats, although I've never actually done that, so I'm guessing), sinking into the sofa and watching Masterchef. Very difficult to blog with Masterchef on because it is so very entertaining. Now that's what I call a good night.

Current white in the fridge: Domaine Joel Bordet Chablis 2009, £12.99, Laithwaites
Last week I was sent a case of wine to try out with my Book Club. I know, tough gig, but remember I do it for you. So it was this Chablis was unleashed on Madeleina, Cecily and others (please note these are not their real names; these are Book Club names that sound a little more, er, literary for blog purposes). I loved this one, all steely and sharp as Chardonnay is from this part of Northern France, a slap for the tastebuds. Thumbs up from most, but not from Sam (she hasn't decided on her BC name yet). I supped mine with twiglets, not a great food match for white wine admittedly, but pretty impressed that the flavour of the wine got past the taste of marmite. 

Current red on the side: The Grinder Pinotage, 2010, £9.99, Laithwaites
This wine tells you that you WILL smell mocha when you sniff this wine. This is a fairly brave thing to do because often when a label tells me I'm going to find something, I expect to find it. Unless it says mulberry, and then I have no idea what I'm supposed to be smelling, having never smelt a mulberry in my life. I digress. So, when Susie Drusilla declared that it did indeed smell of mocha, it was a small victory for The Grinder. It is made from the Pinotage grape in South Africa, one that is often referred to as the 'marmite' grape (love it/hate it thing) but this was lovely and smooth, rich and mocha-ry. Was a fab match for Madeleina's cayenne-pepper infused chile con carne (she forgot to buy chillies). 

Off to read my book x

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