Book. Four Words.

So, I've got news. I got an email just before Christmas. It was from a fellow knackered mother and wine lover. Oh, and she was also an editorial director for a publishing company and asked if I would like to write a wine book. At which point, my knees buckled and I had to sit down. Eldest Boy asked me if I was okay. I let out a squeal. So did the children. They had no idea what they were squealing about, they were just happy to be squealing. Anyway, news is the KMWC book will be out in February next year, a hardback with groovy illustrations. The full title is The Knackered Mother's Wine Club: Fridge-door whites and in-the-rack reds; how to choose, taste and enjoy wine. By Helen McGinn. 

This one is for you. 

KM x