Hips that pass in the night...

I think it was Elizabeth Taylor who once said that she and her at-the-time beloved Richard Burton used to see so little of each other when they were both appearing in different plays that most of their time together was spent as they crossed in the hallway of their home, 'like hips that pass in the night'. It always struck me as a terribly sad yet brilliantly romantic take on it. This past week, I sort of know what she meant. Bearded Husband and I have done just that, due to working long days (him) and being out in the evenings (me: one for work, one for fun). So if you see him before I do, tell him we're having fajitas - his favourite - tomorrow night.

Current white in the fridge: Sin Palabras Albariño 2010, £13.49, Laithwaites
This is one of the wines sent to me from Laithwaites for me to try with my Book Club lot. Last night it was Tyger's* turn (*her book club name, obv) to host and she saw us proud. As usual, there was a lot of talk - including, miraculously, some about the book - and much laughing, swearing (mostly by sailor-mouthed Saffron*, she gets Tourettes when out with glass in hand) and lip-smacking when we drank this. Everyone loved the lime-like freshness of it. Apart from Swallow* who thought it a bit too sharp to, er, swallow. Made from the gorgeous Albarino grape grown in the Rias Baixas region in Spain, this is properly thirst-quenching stuff. Loved it. Brilliant with those gorgeous cheesy wafer thin nibbles you get when you go to other people's houses. 

Current red on the side: Vignes Citadelle Cotes du Bourg 2010, £5 on offer, Asda
This is an increasingly rare thing: a French red under £5 with real guts and depth to it. As duty rises on wine faster than a bridal petticoat, great wine under £5 is now much harder to find. But if you are prepared to forage there are still some to be found, usually on offer. This is a mostly-Merlot blend with a splash of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Bordeaux region. It has an earthy feel to it, a sort of grrrr-like rustic edge that those of us who tried it, rather liked. Went brilliantly with Tyger's* roasted piggy. Shout out to Tyger's* mother-in-law, who joined us last night and was simply gorgeous. 

Chin chin x

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