Ready for my close up?

"We're looking for a female drinks expert for our new TV show..." said the email. Would I be interested? First reaction was YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING. Closely followed by well, you know, I suppose I could. Nothing to lose. How hard can it be? Turns out, really f*cking hard. All I had to do was speak to camera, answer a few questions. Obviously I'd thought about what I was going to say, just not how to string it together in a logical fashion when faced with a red light. Plus, who stole my voice? And temporarily replaced with someone who sounded like Alvin? On Prozac? And I didn't just glow, I actually sweated. And needed a wee, the whole time. Sadly, I was more Tena Lady than Foxy Lady. I'm not expecting a call. Still, worth it for the peace and quiet on the train journey, lost in Me Before You.

Current white in the fridge: Creyssels, Picpoul de Pinet 2010, £7.95, Stone, Vine & Sun
Picpoul is the name of the grape and this one is grown in the Languedoc region in France. The name of the grape translates as 'lip-stinger' on account of the snappy acidity, but there is nothing painful about it. Rather, it delivers a fresh slap around the tastebuds, waking them from their winter slumber with a kick of lime and dash of lemon. We had this very cold, with fajitas, and it was delish. And thanks to those of you who texted Bearded Husband to tell him what he was having for supper. He was very happy to be home. 

Current red on the side: Tim Adams Protege Shiraz 2007, £8 on offer,
This is made from the Shiraz grape grown in the Clare Valley, in South Australia. Now, Australia is bloody hot, generally speaking. But this region has a bit of altitude which means growing conditions for the grapes (warm to hot days, cool nights) are really good, with fruit ripening evenly and slowly. The region is most famous for its white Riesling wines, but cooler climate Shiraz - especially when made by someone as great as Tim Adams - is a big, juicy delight. It says it has a hint of liquorice, but I hate liquorice and loved this. Imbibed with beef stew, happily. 

Don't call us x

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