This much I know.

This last week has been both marvellous and meh. On the one hand, I taste wine for a living. Thumbs up. On the other hand, I have to work away from home for two weeks every year at a wine competition in London. Not a big deal pre-children, but a very big deal post-children. Not only do I miss them terribly (obvious pros withstanding) but I have to ask my family to take up the slack when it comes to childcare. And they are amazing about it. So, although I know lots about wine, I also know that I couldn't do it without them. Here's what I've learnt over the last week:

1. New Zealand Syrah is going to be MASSIVE.
2. I am going to drink more Italian white wine made from anything but Pinot Grigio.
3. 2009 was a brilliant vintage for so many Spanish, French and Italian reds.
4. I heart Chilean Sauvignon Blanc from cooler climate regions (Casablanca, Leyda).
5. Argentinian Malbec can be monstrously good.
6. If I could, I would drink Blanc de Blancs Champagne for breakfast most days.
7. Wine from Turkey is getting better, generally speaking.
8. Wine from Thailand isn't, really.
9. Pinot Gris from Australia is on my shopping list for next week.
10. I'm also going to drink more Sherry, especially dry Amontillado.

Current white on the table: Viognier Leduc Pays d’Oc, 2010 France, The Bridge (£4ish by the glass)
So, this is the very cold glass of white I now have on the table in front of me, in the pub with wifi at the end of the road where I'm staying in London this week. After about 100 wines tasted today, I needed something cold, white and with lots of flavour. This one is perfect: all peachy and ripe and juicy. I love this wine and slightly love the waiter. I drank it with beef carpaccio: delicious.

Two more sleeps until I go home x

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