Young Love

24 years ago today, at 6.05pm, I met a boy in the fields behind our respective houses. We walked to a nearby lake, where he smoked a Turkish cigarette and I tried not to appear too keen. As we climbed the gate that led back home, I could bear it no longer.

Me: "So, are you going to ask me then?"
Him: "Ask you what?"
Me: "Are you going to ask me out?"
Him: "Erm, will you go out with me?"
Me: "OK then."

It was 1988, we were fifteen years old. Reader, I married him.*

Current white in the fridge: Tesco Finest Hautes Cotes De Beaune 2010, £7.87 on offer, Tesco
This is a white Burgundy, made from the Chardonnay grape (as most white Burgundy is, including Chablis) but unlike most Chablis, this one has been aged in oak barrels for just under a year, giving the wine a muffin top. Here, the little additional weight is carried beautifully. As I wish mine was. The region spreads across a number of villages in the Hautes Cotes (say oat coat to sound like you know your, er, oats) and means 'higher slopes'. Which ultimately means not quite as good but much more affordable than the smart stuff. Definitely worth a try; especially good with our slightly spicy (ok, burnt) salmon. 

Current red in the rack: La Garnacha Salvaje del Moncayo 2010, £7.99 on offer, Majestic
A friend told me about this one (I say told, he posted about it on facebook) and even though the status update was effusive I knew it was not just because he'd drunk it all but because the wine really was bloody good. And so it is, made from the Garnacha (same as Grenache) grape in northern Spain. It really is a colour pop of a wine, all juicy bramble fruit. So fresh, it would wink at you if it could. Put it with Hugh Fearnley-Whatnot's Pork 'Donnie Brasco' if at all possible.   

Happy days x

*Apols to Jane for nicking her best line.

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