I need a Wii

So I didn't win the blogging award as mentioned last week but I did win a Wii at the same event, thereby making me the most popular parent in our house by quite some margin. The week's other cheering news is that according to a new report, drinking wine (in moderation, of course) improves your quality of life, specifically two glasses a day for middle-aged drinkers. Every cloud, as they say.

Current rose in the fridge: Gran Feudo Rosado 2009, £6 on offer, Tesco.com
We might not be in the grip of a heatwave - apart from the one day last week that was summer, apparently - but I'm starting to feel summery nonetheless. The end of term is in sight, and so I turn to rose. One from the Navarra region, to be precise, an area that lies between Rioja and Bordeaux. This one is made by one of Spain's oldest winemaking families, Chivite, from the garnacha grape and is a gorgeous mix of raspberry fruit and sunshine. Juicy and fun, like a good Jilly Cooper. 

Current red in the rack: Alamos Bonarda 2010, £8.99, Majestic
So there I was last Friday night after BritMums, in a London pub with a couple of blogger mates and MY EDITOR (sorry about the caps, can't help it), and they threw the wine list my way. I went for this Argentinian Bonarda, because a) Argentina is often a great punt when in a pub; b) it was good value and c) I thought it might be something they hadn't tried before. Bonarda tends to produce red wines lighter in style than those made from the Malbec grape. Less boisterous, if you like. It was smooth, loaded with black cherry fruit and left us wanting more. So we obliged. It was obviously a bit more expensive in the pub but Majestic also stock it (clever them). Two glasses will improve your quality of life, apparently. 

Peace out, winos x

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