Wine, natch.

Make-up wise I favour the natural look, but nowadays this requires a certain degree of pre-planning. Sadly, I can't seem to carry off the salt 'n' pepper look as well as Clooney so have a bit of help with my hair colour. And when out in public with real grown ups in attendance I turn to my best friend a.k.a. my tube of tinted moisturiser, for support. That and a lick of Nars Multiple (currently G-Spot, always easily located in my make up bag) and I'm all set, lighting dependent. Point is, a little cosmetic help goes a long way.

With wine, same basic principle applies. Lots of wines are 'tweaked' a little to make them more drinkable. They might be made a bit sweeter, or less/more acidic, for example. But there's a growing band of wine lovers who want it as it comes, with as little intervention from anyone as possible. No tweezing, no waxing, no highlighting, no body-sculpting pants. They'll (usually) use organically grown grapes, natural yeasts, little or no sulphur, and sometimes biodynamics (groovy witchcrafty-type stuff like burying powdered cow horn in the soil, separate post-worthy).

Anyway, I love the idea of going 'au naturel'. Really I do. But only if a) I can afford it and b) I know where to find it. Sadly, a quick scout of my local supermarket shelf proved fruitless, but having looked online I know my local wine shop sells a few. So, I'll buy them and taste them in time for next week. In the meantime, here's what we're drinking at the moment.

Current white in the fridge: Diamond Jubilee Moet Imperial, £34.95, Berry's
OK, I didn't buy this one. A very nice lady at Moet (as in mow-it, like you do the lawn) sent it to me, telling me the Queen would be drinking it at the Buckingham Palace Jubilee garden party. I thought it plain rude not to say yes. Apparently, Moet made special edition Champagnes for the Silver & Golden Jubilees but this is the first time they've been allowed to sell it to the rest of us. I had a glass of this in the bath having gotten soaked to the skin at our village Jubilee picnic. It made everything sparkle again. Delicious and as pretty as the Queen's coat dress she wore to watch the Flotilla. 

Current red in the rack: Tesco Finest Cotes Catalanes Grenache 2010, £6.64 on offer, Tesco
Bloody hell, this is good stuff. Seriously, big & bold & bright & beautiful & best served when it is raining outside (check). It is mainly made from the Grenache grape but has got a few other things in there too, namely Carignan and Mourvedre grapes. Together, they create a sort of summer-pudding filling but with the pips in. Not literally, but it has got that gorgeous grip that big reds from the South of France can give. It might not be 100% 'natural', but it is natural enough for me. 

Peace out, winos x

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