Having it off

There are a good few thought-provoking posts about having it all around at the moment, sparked in part by a session at that blogging conference I told you about. I thought I might post about it too, but to be honest I had four hours sleep last night and a full day's work today and I'm just too tired. So instead, I bring you news that our next book club book is Fifty Shades. I know I said I wouldn't, but I was outnumbered (bites lip). We'll also be reading Nora Ephron's Heartburn, inspired by India Knight's piece about her in last Sunday's paper. Will report back. In the meantime, I turn to wine.

Current white in the fridge: Lime Leaf Verdejo 2011, £6.99, Laithwaites
This is one from the book club stash, from the case sent to me by Laithwaites. I didn't pay for it myself but so good was it that I am going to get some more in for when Summer finally decides to come out of hiding. Brilliantly lime-cordial like (without the sweetness), made from the refreshing different and vastly underrated Verdejo grape in the Rueda region in Spain. It's a really uncomplicated wine; fresh, crisp, lively. Much love all round for this one. 

Current red in the rack: Keep Calm & Carignan 2010, £9.99, Laithwaites
Another one from the book club stash, and one that divided opinion. Not the wine (we didn't get to it, everyone stayed on white) but the label. Some loved ("ha ha, very good"), some loathed ("bored now") and some just didn't get it ("is Carignan the grape, then?"). I think I just feel a bit, well, meh about this one. Shame, because the wine is brilliant. But the label makes me think the wine's not going to be. So, if you like big, bold Southern French reds made from old vines in Fitou, look beyond the label. 

Thoughts? KM x

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