New York, Old Me

Last Saturday, I went to New York for work for a few days. I ate banana pancakes, sushi and steak. I drank a ginger mojito and glasses of German Riesling, Ribera del Duero and Albarino. I walked the Highline and shopped in the West Village. And for that time, it was bliss. But the best bit? Coming home, of course. That said, watching a film on the plane uninterrupted gave it a run for its money.

Current white in the fridge: Tesco Finest Falanghina 2011, £5.69,
If you like Pinot Grigio but want a bit more flavour, more personality, this wine has been waving madly, trying to get your attention as you cruise down the aisle. And you've just walked past it, mainly because the name of the grape sounds a little bit like a sexual act (that might be just me) and because you're not really sure what it is you are letting yourself in for. Here's what: a southern Italian white with lime, apples and a bit of pear, all crisp and fresh and summery. Doesn't need food but it perked up my salmon no end. 

Current red in the rack: Both Barrels Shiraz Durif 2010, £9.99, Laithwaites
This one bills itself as the 'thinking man's Australian red' on the back label but in truth it worked just as well for the 'sofa-bound knackered mother' last night. What they've done here is take a barrel of Shiraz from Australia's cool-climate Coonawarra region and mixed it with a barrel of the moody, brooding Durif grape from the Rutherglen region. It obviously worked, because they've made more than two barrels. It's fairly punchy but if you like full-bodied reds loaded with bramble fruit, this gives it to you with both barrels (see what I did there)? Don't even think about drinking this one without food. A plate of chilli will do it. 

I'm a homey x

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