Now I'm a Believer

Last Monday, I hit send. I pressed the button and off went my book (or manuscript, apparently) to my editor. Thing is, I still can't say manuscript without feeling like this shouldn't happening to me, or for that matter say editor without wanting to actually hug her. But then Eldest Boy said to me "so, does that mean you are a wine lady and an author now?" Now, look on the right hand side of this post. You might have to scroll down a bit. See the BUY THE BOOK heading? Turns out it is available to pre-order on Amazon. Seeing is believing (or something).

Current white in the fridge: Jackson Estate 'Stich' Sauvingon Blanc 2011, £9.99 (if you buy 2), Majestic
There is something very pure about really good New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Yes, there's lots of cheapish stuff that does a nice job but get over £8 and you can find some much more interesting wines with layers of gooseberry and lemon fruit and an almost mineral character. This is one such - completely gorgeous and shows why spending a few extra quid is worth it to get a really unforgettable bottle of wine. I had a glass with a plate of rice and soy-drenched salmon. It perked up supper and an evening otherwise spent working in front of the telly. 

Current red in the rack: Montes Limited Selection Pinot Noir 2009, £7.99 (if you buy 2), Majestic
Winemakers the world over suffer Pinot envy when they look at what Burgundy can do with this grape. But Chile, specifically the Casablanca Valley region where the climate is noticeably cooler than many other parts of wine-producing Chile, is doing amazing things with its Pinot. And each producer seems to get something different out of it. Fifty shades of Pinot, if you like. This one is bramble fruit, with a bit of spice and a sprinkling of espresso powder somewhere nearby. Wonderful stuff.

Peace out, winos x

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