This little piggy went to...

If ever there was a place to rival the gates of Hades surely it is Peppa Pig World, as discovered today. I went with four children in tow (my three and a complimentary niece) and my mother (aka Granny La La) and it was heaving. We spent most of the time in queues, punctuated by the odd ride on a fluffy white cloud or a hot air balloon (plastic, not real, obviously). There were cries for the loo just as we got to the front of the queue (not mine) and tears when I said no to yet another ice cream. But for all that, the children really loved it. As they say, motherhood ain't no place for sissies...

Current white in the fridge: Cowrie Bay Chardonnay 2011, £4.94 on offer, Waitrose
This is on offer for another week, so if you need wine in volume for a party this is absolutely ideal. Made from grapes grown in Gisborne, on New Zealand's North Island, this is like a big glass of fruit salad sweets but in wine form and not at all sweet, IYKWIM. Nectarine, melon, pear, apple...all with a twist of lime. Really delicious, and an absolute bargain. And the screwcap makes it so much easier to concentrate on ensuring palmiers are proffered, rather than hunting for the corkscrew.

Current sparkling in the fridge: Nicolas Feuillatte Brut NV Champagne, £25.99,
We cracked this one open to celebrate Andy Murray's win (see, still feeling that Olympic spirit) and it was perfect for the occasion. Like Murray, this Champagne is on winning form; all fresh lemons and bright bubbles, a blend of the three classic grapes. This bottle was a present, and Champagne always tastes better when you're not paying. Incidentally, I've been meaning to mention these glasses for a while now. They were sent to me by Amara, and they are so beautiful, they deserve a mention. Purists scoff at their shape, saying they are not ideal for serving Champagne as they diffuse the bubbles too quickly. But I say they look beautiful, and the liquid in question won't be sitting in my glass for too long anyway. 

Pip pip x

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