How To Taste Wine

A while ago, I made this little vlog about tasting wine. It explains the basics behind that rather ridiculous sniff/swirl/spit action, essential if you want to discover what's really in your glass.

But in fact, the best way to taste wine is to compare and contrast, with a number of different wines lined up in front of you. However, unless you're feeding a crowd - or a complete lush, obviously - chances are you'll usually have just the one bottle open at any one time. Which brings me nicely to the subject of wine tastings. Now, I'll be telling you all about how to run a cracking wine tasting at home IN THE BOOK (see right, down a bit, available to pre-order, big smile) but in the meantime, check out West London Mum's wine tasting club starting in West London next month. With bubbles. She's even asked if I can come and do a future one. I'll try not to wink.

Current white in the fridge: Wither Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2011, £9.99, Majestic
There is nothing particularly subtle about this Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. In fact, very few Marlborough Sauvignons could be described as subtle. No, the thing here is pure lemon & lime fruit and cheek-sucking, lip-smacking freshness. And there's a definite whiff of green tea about it, in a good way. No oak. Just fruity freshness. *winks*

Current red in the rack: Piccini Memoro, £7.11 on offer (currently 25% off), Tesco
When I gave a glass of this to The Husband, he literally stopped what he was doing (watching the telly, if I remember rightly) to tell me how completely delicious is was. It does that, this wine. Stops people in their tracks. It is a bit of a beast, with an almost obscene amount of black fruit and not just a little bit of alcohol, but is so lovely, soft, warm and cuddly, it is completely forgiven. Made from a mish-mash (technical term, obviously) of grapes from across Italy, then all blended together and put in a heavy bottle with a brilliantly stylish Italian label. Memorable.

Bottoms up x

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