Secret Agent

No, this is not about Bond. But it is about secrets and at the moment I've got - count them - three. That's three things that people have told me and then said I'm not to tell anyone (yet). And they are all really good secrets, which makes it even harder, because when I've got a good secret, I want to tell everyone. Seriously, I am really bad at keeping good secrets. Back in the days when my friends were getting pregnant, I silently panicked when someone said 'hey great news, but don't tell anyone yet...early days...' because I knew that I would be bursting to share the good news, but I couldn't because it wasn't mine to share. But this time, it is my good news to share. I just can't share it yet. Ooh, I feel better already.

Current white in the fridge: Tesco Finest Darling Sauvignon Blanc 2011, £6 on offer,
I don't drink enough South African wine, I think because I naturally gravitate to/get distracted by other countries before I get to the South African shelf. But whenever I do get there, and I find a good one, I think note to self: buy more South African wine. This one, apart from the obviously brilliant name, is a super-bright Sauvignon Blanc from the Western Cape region. Fresh, lively and pure, with more than a whiff of freshly cut grass about it. This week's fridge-door white, darling. 

Current red in the rack: Beyerskloof Pinotage 2010, £7.99, Sainsbury's
Like buses, two come along at once. Another South African, this one is big, bold and strangely beautiful. It is what you get when you cross the Pinot Noir and Cinsault grapes. Yes, Pinotage is their love-child. And it is a bit of a marmite grape - love or loathe, takes no prisoners kinda thing - but if you like spicy, rich reds with a bit of earthiness about them, definitely give this one from Stellenbosch a go. It does need food, or can be quite chewy. Just sayin'. 

Sshhh x

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