The (Wine) Glass Ceiling

Someone asked me today why I thought the wine industry was such a male-dominated one. When I went for my first ever job interview with a wine company almost 20 years ago, I was asked if I could type before they looked at my qualifications (I couldn't). Actually, there are lots of brilliant women in the wine world but very few make it to the boardroom. And before we even get to that glass ceiling, there is the impact of becoming a mother on a career. I loved my old job, but the combination of travelling and small babies was never going to work, so I gave it up. Since then, I've worked to build a new path in wine that fits around our life now. Now, if someone had told me in my twenties that career planning is actually about how to combine work and motherhood without worry and frustration, that would have been helpful. But then, in my twenties I wouldn't have been listening. I was too busy raising my glass to the ceiling.

Current white in the fridge: Tim Adams Protege Riesling 2010, £9,
Had a few glasses of this with a friend on Saturday night, when she came to pick up her boy. She hadn't had a drop since New Year's Day so it was only right that her first glass was something delicious enough to break the dry spell. And she loved it. Can you smell the limes? Yes, she said. What about floral stuff? Yep, that too. And a slight whiff of petrol? She nodded, with her nose deep in the glass. That too, apparently. This is from the cooler climate Clare Valley region in Australia, and Riesling is the speciality here. Tim's Riesling is especially good, and refreshingly different. We hoovered olives as we sipped. Perfect. 

Current red in the rack: Tesco Finest Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2011, £6.99,
Still having an Italian moment, and this one is a Morello-cherry-scented beauty. Seriously, it has a sweetness about the aroma that makes me think of Black Forest Gateaux. (Maybe that's just me. Talking of which, made Nigella's Nutella cheesecake from her new book this weekend. Bloody brilliant). So, cherries, spice and just a slight whiff of mocha. That's quite a lot for one glass, from a wine made from one grape - Montepulciano - but it absolutely made our supper sing (steaks). And this one is made by a woman, Gaetane Carron, to boot. 

Chin chin x

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