Mother Bear

So, we had a little party last night for friends who couldn't make it to London for the official KMWC book launch a few weeks ago. And as you can see, my mum made herself useful. Yes, she is actually signing my book. And what's more, no-one seemed to mind.

In other news (back to me! Yes, me! Over here!), earlier this evening I did a frenetic Twitter Q&A here, another one over here and the book got a great review in the paper here. And the publisher told me the first weeks' sales for the book. I think my mum will be proud. 

Current white in the fridge: Contesa Pecorino 2012, £7.99 if you buy 2, Majestic
Buy this because it has a mad scribble on the label. Buy this because the grape it is made from has the same name as a cheese. But most of all, buy this because it is delicious. If you're not in the mood for the grassy Sauvignon but don't want a fruity Chardonnay either, this gives you crisp, lemony flavours with form. Brilliant, refreshing and just the right side of out there. Eat with Pecorino, the cheese. Or a bowl of crisps. Up to you. I'm not that controlling. 

Current red in the rack: Asda Extra Special Dao 2010, £5 on offer, Asda
Seriously, this wine is an absolute steal at £5. I almost feel like I am shoplifting. Made from the Touriga Nacional grape (among others) this is a brilliant way to see if you and Portuguese reds have a future together. Says herbal and black fruit notes on the front label, according to their Master of Wine buyer Philippa Carr. Spot on, I'd say. And with roast lamb, it's a 

Peace out, winos x

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