Present Day

Mother's Day is marked by the cup of tea in bed, a selection of home-made cards and a group hug. All at about 6am which is, you know, a bit annoying but lovely nonetheless. Wouldn't have it any other way. Except for the present, maybe. Currently, we go home-made. But to be honest, I'd cope with shop-bought alongside that. So, thinking aloud, cashmere. My friend Mrs Russell imports scarves from Italy (where she used to live) and has offered a choice of red, white or rose (worth £100) to go with a copy of *cough* my book as this week's SPECIAL Mother's Day competition. Just leave your name and cashmere colour of choice below; all names in a wine glass and someone will pick a winner next week.

Current white in the fridge: Oveja Negra Sauvignon Blanc/Carmenere 2011, £7.50, Oddbins
I used to love Oddbins. As a 20-something year old in London, with my first job, it felt like the height of sophistication to go to Oddbins and pick up a bottle of something Australian (yes, we are going back a bit and yes, I was not the most rock & roll of 20-something year olds). Anyway, a few years ago Oddbins disappeared. But then it came back again. And the wine buyer in charge now is really good. She's picked a gem here: a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Carmenere (a red grape, but remember - the juice of grapes is clear, people) from the marvellous Maule Valley in Chile. It works brilliantly, with ripe melon and pineapple fruit flavours. And with wasabi peanuts. 

Current red in the rack: Peter & Peter Pinot Noir 2011, £10, Tesco
I'm assuming the guys behind this wine are called Peter. Don't know for sure, but have a hunch. Whatever, the Peters have made an interesting wine. Made from the relatively thin-skinned Pinot Noir grape grown in the Pfalz region in Germany (so officially counts as left-field), this is soft, juicy and light. Redcurrant fruits; comes into its own with food. Nothing too heavy though, it is quite delicate as red wine goes. We had it with chicken fajhitas. Delish. 

Happy Mother's Day x

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