Wizard of Oz

Halfway through the second week of the International Wine Challenge and I'm properly knackered. But, I taste wine for a living so it's all relative. Here's a picture taken earlier today after about 100 wines, so please excuse my black-toothed smile. Oz Clarke is also at the IWC (he's one of the chairmen), and as the voice & face of wine for a generation on BBC Two's brilliant Food & Drink programme along with Jilly Goolden, is one of the reasons I fell in love with the stuff. Talking of stuff, today was World Malbec Day apparently. And I tasted some really gorgeous Malbec wines from Argentina, Chile and France earlier. All quite different but all with Malbec's unmistakeable deep, dark colour and a bucketload of black fruit flavours. Sadly I had to spit them all out - professional, innit - but next week, once I feel like actually drinking a glass of wine again, I'll find some good Malbec to share. 

Chin chin x

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