Feeling Blue

Not even a broken down car on the school run (luckily just after I'd dropped them at school) and an hour's wait in the rain could dampen my spirits this morning. Because yesterday, I did a wine tasting with Sooty & Sweep. It was hilarious, a real Tena Lady moment as my sister would say. Until now, my children have been pretty ambivalent about me being on the telly once a week talking about wine, but appearing with Sooty & Sweep has changed all that. In fact, Eldest Boy plans to tell his class about it for tomorrow's Show & Tell. Let's hope he puts it into context as to why I was drinking wine with Sooty & Sweep in the middle of the afternoon...

See below for more Green Room highlights from today's Alan Titchmarsh Show - Duncan from Blue! - but first, we'll do wines. 

Current white in the fridge: Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Prosecco, £7.49 on offer, Sainsbury's
For this week's AT show, I had to match wines to a selection of different cheeses, and one of them was Dairylea. And if it's gotta be Dairylea, it's gotta be bubbles. Let's face it, Dairylea doesn't taste of much (unless in a sandwich with cheese & onion crisps) so the best match is something that, like the cheese, is frothy and fun. Step forward good Prosecco, and this one is really good value at the moment. Made from the Glera grape, it's soft and appley. Fill your boots. 

Current red on the side: Tesco Finest 10 year old Tawny Port, £15.50, Tesco
If I was allowed three drinks on a desert island, aged Tawny Port might be one of them. (The other two would include a Vintage Champagne and a eye-wateringly expensive Red Burgundy). Aged Tawny takes on its lighter colour because it is aged in oak barrels, so loses colour over time. The flavours mellow beautifully, creating a caramel, spice and mocha mash up. This one was picked to go with Dolcelatte cheese, and it really is the Rod & Penny of happy food and wine marriages. 

Chin chin x

Craig Revel Horwood - lovely man!
Tom Hunt - go and see Rush, it's brilliant. 

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