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Told you that spreadsheet was a good thing. I'm ahead of the game on present buying. But now, every time I see the cupboard they're stashed in, it reminds me that they're not going to wrap themselves. We always put it off until Christmas Eve and wrap late into the night, accompanied by the Christmas playlist (yep, still going). But this year I've decided to do things differently. And I know what the answer is: wine. I'm going to find the perfect wine to wrap presents to. Starting tonight.

Current wrapping red: Vacqueyras 2012, £8.99, Lidl
Earlier on, a friend tweeted that she was tucking into a glass of Macon. I said I was on the Vacqueyras. "I'm not a big red wine drinker but that's a beaut", she said. Oh, how right she was. All festive plums, damsons and spice, wrapped in a blanket of warmth (ok, alcohol). And the best bit? It's cheap as chips. Posh chips, and double portions, but chips nonetheless. Vacqueyras is a region in the southern Rhone, not far from the more famous town of Chateauneuf du Pape. But that's the thing. Because it's not as well known, it's generally cheaper than CdP. Great present material. Talking of which..*goes back to wrapping*

Just the one wine this week, but back with a bunch of festive wines next week. And the cork board competition has a winner, as announced - amusingly - by my mum here. But the singing hat goes on a bit so if you don't want to sit through it, see below for the winner...

Peace out, winos x

Well done Carole Hazlehurst! Email me your details (knackered mother @ gmail (dot) com) and we'll get it sent to you a.s.a.p. 

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