Blurred Lines

Friday night fizz. Small things.
You know my feelings about January. I don't much like it. Which is why it's important to have things to look forward to, however small. As I type, the Husband is on his way back from a week in Taiwan. And he's just texted from Duty Free to ask if I need anything. I've aimed high with a request for Estee Lauder's Advance Night Repair. Sali Hughes' beauty blog says it's brilliant. The price will bring tears to his eyes but hopefully it'll help the lines around mine.

Talking of things to look forward to, I'm going to be at this year's Bath Festival. Here's a link to my wine tasting event on Friday 6th March, come if you can! I was at the festival last year and loved it, not least because my friends Editor Liz, Kari & I got invited to Red Magazine's amazing cocktail party in the Roman Baths (well, round the sides of them) and I got to see Lionel Shriver across a crowded author's Green Room. For now, some wines to look forward to.

Current white in the fridge: Truly Irresistible Viognier, £6.99, Co-op
I was sustained almost entirely by almond croissants from our local Co-op when I was pregnant with Youngest Girl but now I can walk past them as long as there's a bottle of this on the shelves. Made by a very good winemaker in southern France, this is ripe and round thanks to the combination of this particular grape variety and lots of sun. The result is fairly generous alcohol and buckets of peach and apricot flavours. A cracker with scrambled eggs.  

Current red in the rack: Recchia Bardolino, £7.99, Waitrose
This is from northern Italy, the Veneto region. If you're in the mood for red but don't want a monster in your glass (or head the next day) then Bardolino is the answer. Really juicy and jammy, this one tastes like just-crushed black cherries laced with (not too much) alcohol. It's made from the Corvina grape and like so many Italian wines it's obscenely food-friendly, especially anything with tomato-and-pasta-y. 

Chin chin x

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