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I know it's what's on the inside that counts but when it comes to wine labels, I'm a sucker for a good looking label. Whether it's wine, a book or something in Anthropologie (make that anything in Anthropologie), liking the look of something is what makes me pick it up in the first place. And given that some wine labels require the code breaking skills of Turing to understand what's inside, sometimes aesthetics are all we've got to go on. So when I try a wine that's delicious and has a gorgeous looking label to match, I'm very happy. Here's this week's wines with pictures below.

Current white in the fridge: Hen Pecked Picpoul de Pinet 2014, £7.99, Waitrose
Picpoul is one of those easy to remember names - or so I thought. Turns out one of my friends refers to it as Pitbull and Eeh Bah Mum uses one of the finest mnemonics I've ever heard in wine: Quick Pull My P*nis. Anyway, this one makes a refreshing change from Sauvignon Blanc. Still citrussy but with something apple blossom-y about it too. Gets its name from the chickens that pick up seeds from under the vines, apparently. Let's hope so. From the Languedoc, in southern France.  

Current red in the rack: Frappato 2013, £8, M&S
Sounds like coffee, but happily it's wine. Made in Sicily from the Frappato grape, this is fairly light in colour and tastes of baked cherries. It's fresh, medium-bodied and the locals drink this chilled as a pre-prandial or with anything from antipasti to fish. It feels like a summery wine and it too has a chicken on the label. And a fox. Not sure why, but it looks lovely. 

Chin chin x

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