Chin Up

Last night was Book Club and no, I hadn't read the book (it was a medical-themed book with really tiny print - double whammy). I took a bottle of English white wine in the hope it would act as a diversion - it sort of worked - and as ever the chat was 10% book, 90% other stuff. Phew. Actually, it was lovely to be out last night after last week. It was officially One Of Those Weeks: two new puppies + two out of three children off school with a tummy bug = mayhem. Luckily, this week's been a little more normal. Apart from the wine, that is. Earlier tonight I did a wine tasting for a gorgeous group of women at one of my favourite hotels, Lime Wood, in the New Forest. From a pretty Provence rose to an Italian Nebbiolo from Langhe (bit like a baby-Barolo), the wines were anything but normal. Thanks to Juliet for the photo.

Current white in the fridge: Le Stelle Vermentino, £6.69 (normally £8.99), Waitrose
From Sardinia, this is a really great Italian white made from the Vermentino grape. I love this grape but there's not that much around on our shelves here - yet. There's lots of it planted in Sardinia and here, it makes lovely, crisp whites with fresh lemony flavours. This one's really summery - and getting me in the mood for our short trip to Italy in a few weeks' time. Be warned, I am going to go on and on about it.  

Current red in the rack: Good Ordinary Claret 2012, £9, Berry Brothers
Most of the things written about Bordeaux wines covers the expensive stuff. Which is a shame because there is some really good value to be found - you've just got to know where to look. And Berry's know exactly where to go for their Good Ordinary Claret: this tastes far more expensive than it is. Classic Claret with black fruits, spice and a whiff of coffee. Sent to me by their team to try, this is brilliantly done - and definitely not normal.  

Chin chins x

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