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Well, that was fun. My Camp Bestival highlights included the wine tasting I did for 50 fellow knackered mothers on Saturday evening; seeing the children race around the Kids' Garden in their circus outfits (one elephant, two human cannonballs and a clown); and sitting outside our tent in the evening sun sipping bag in box red from plastic tumblers with slices of (really delicious) pizza. We managed to miss James singing Sit Down because we were actually sitting down, sipping wine and eating pizza. Still, we raced up to the Castle Field and danced our flip flops off for the rest of the show. Oh, and then there was the Feast Collective, a tent stuffed with brilliant street food (Breddos tacos were my favourite, Baba G's indian wraps my sister's) and a rather lovely wine bar with my name on it, literally. And I must mention Pelican Post (click here for details), a project where children can buy a book and send it to a school in Africa for shared reading. Here are the Boys (and their cousin, Raff) posting their books, which they loved doing:

One last picture, because it's hilarious. My sister, with DJ BBQ from The Feast Collective:

Current white in the fridge: Tesco Premier Cru Champagne Brut NV, £19.99, Tesco
This was one of the wines featured in the KMWC wine tasting on Saturday evening and we tasted it right after a really great Prosecco, to show just how very different these two things are. Bubbles are pretty much the only thing they have in common. What I loved was that half the audience preferred the Prosecco, half the Champagne. It wasn't about the price, it was about the taste. Anyway, this one is lemony at first, biscuity afterwards and really smart stuff for the money. Definitely worth it (flicks hair like Cheryl). 

Current red in the rack: Matua Pinot Noir 2013, £7.98 on offer, Asda
This New Zealand producer sponsored Camp Bestival and had a Matua Sessions tent featuring up-and-coming music talent. For a wine brand, that's so very rock and roll and a completely brilliant idea. Both the Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir were featured on the KMWC bar and went down a storm. This Pinot's got typical raspberry fruit but with enough oomph to make it seem serious rather than skinny (which some of the cheaper Pinots can be). Lovely stuff, perfect with pulled pork as it turned out. 

Peace out, winos x

ps - thank you to everyone who came to the wine tasting and book talk, making them such fun things to do. Thanks to Annie, T, Penny and Mari; more thanks to the kind wine people who gave me some brilliant wines for the tasting and finally thanks to the Camp Bestival team for asking me to join their circus.

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